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Web, IoT, Rapid Manufacture

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Processing Power

Accelerating Exponential Growth

  • Eco Systems of connected Apps & Manufacturing

  • Web & App systems with IoT integration

  • Hardware/Software Design, Build and Implementation


Big Data Futures


Software services creating a solution to keeping an ever expanding network alive.


On Demand Manufacturing

Highly scalable manufacturing solutions with turn around in days, not weeks.

Our Solutions

Our Current Market

Solutions & Products

Web + I.O.T

Our network of non grid connection dependant devices keeping us up to date on weather, mechanical status and environmental changes globally. Built on our Dasch system, real time asset management and automated maintenance programs are possible.

Rapid Prototyping

The ability to produce parts and components before the start of the next day in a range of materials. Mould making, test parts, short and long production runs, we offer solutions for your business.


From design to manufacture, we handle it all. Our in house design and prototyping solutions allow idea to working concept in days not weeks. We specialise power efficiency systems and cost saving designs.

Subscription & Recurring Platforms

The future of business is SaaS and Haas, we are at the forefront on design and implementation of these processes for businesses. Built on our bespoke platforms and integrating with market leaders, subscription is now.

About Us

Physical and Digital Solutions.

We work across Engineering and Technology platforms, providing unique and bespoke solutions in Data, Rapid Manufacture, IoT Systems and Web Applications.

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